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Translational Cancer Research

Translational Cancer Research (Transl Cancer Res TCR; Print ISSN: 2218-676X; Online ISSN 2219-6803; www.thetcr.org) is an Open Access, peer-reviewed journal, published by AME Publishing Company, publishes the results of novel research investigations which bridge the laboratory and clinical settings including risk assessment, cellular and molecular characterization, prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of human cancers with the overall goal of improving the clinical care of cancer patients. TCR will publish laboratory studies of novel therapeutic interventions as well as clinical trials which evaluate new treatment paradigms for cancer. The focus of TCR is original, peer-reviewed, science-based research that successfully advances clinical medicine toward the goal of improving cancer patients' lives. The editors and an international advisory group of scientists and clinician-scientists as well as other experts will hold TCR articles to the high-quality standards. We accept Original Articles as well as Review Articles, Editorials and Brief Articles. 

➢ Manuscripts Turnaround Time:

In-house review: 3-5 days
External peer review: 1 month
Revision time: 2-4 weeks
Publication Ahead of Print: within 1 month after being accepted
Formal publication: within 1-3 months after being accepted. Original Articles are listed as priority.

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Society for Translational Medicine (STM), Hong Kong

Published by AME Publishing Company
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